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Amy Luong

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Not Active



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March 30, 1994



Amy Lang Luong (also known as Pacthesis/Pacdabutt) is a flash-game maker on Deviant ArtTumblr, and NewGrounds who is particularly famous for her sim dates. She likes drinking coffee and is fond of things that are related to Tumblr (e.g.: cool story, bro). Pacthesis also collects anime figurines and makes stories called Figure Boredom.


In 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade, Amy's older brother Matt taught her how to draw. Since then, Amy's first art featured Matt holding a playing card for a unknown reason. Amy stopped using traditional art when she joined deviantART, and mostly draws on her tablet now. Amy uses paint tool sai and photoshop to draw and Flash MX 2004 to make her Sim Dates.


Year Work Status Description
2008 Sinner Saga

Incomplete Read Here!

A boy named Kaoru (who appears in Festival Days Sim Date[1]) makes a deal with the devil to save his female friend named Rin.
2008 Anime Sim Date 1.0

Completed Play Here!

Amy's first sim date and her only one for boys.
2008 Anime Sim Date 2.0

Completed Play Here!

Amy's first sim date for girls.
2008 Anime Sim Date 2.5

Completed Play Here!

The same boys as 2.0 but changed a bit (including a new dateable character named Sakka Urwin).
2009 Emerald Moon

Incomplete Read Here!

A girl goes to a different dimension.
2010 Project Toaster

Completed Read Here!

A short story about a girl who made a robot using a toaster.
2010 Festival Days Sim Date

Completed Play Here!

Amy's first HP, Money, and Stats sim date.
2010 Wonderland Days Sim Date

Completed Play Here!

Alice falls down the rabbit hole to discover a new world. She meets a ton of characters who reference Alice In Wonderland characters[2]
2010 Idol Days Sim Date

Completed Play Here!

Lexie moves to South Cigam in hope to join a band. She joins the popular boy band Sistechap, who is in need of a guitarist since their last one quit.
2010 Kingdom Days Sim Date

Completed Play Here!

A princess named Rose escapes her kingdom from war along with her elf servant. The two come upon a kingdom called Hepcatsis, where Rose is forced to marry the king in 30 days.
2011 Chrono Days Sim Date

Completed Play Here!

Saige is the first person to time travel from back to 100 years ago to the past Reton. She meets people from the past and can also meet others from her time until the Time Hole closes.
2011 Xolga and Mr. Toko

Completed Cry Here!

A comic about a detective and his new assistant turned into a visual novel.
2012 Xolga and Mr. Toko Again

Completed Cry Here!

The sequel of Xolga and Mr. Toko. The adventure continues...
2012 Lunar Days Sim Date

Completed Play Here!

A sim date based from her old comic, Emerald Moon.
2012 Memory Days Sim Date

Completed Play Here!

Featuring the same boys from 2.0 and 2.5
2012 Number Days Sim Date

Completed Play Here!

6 people are stuck in an amusement park called "Pactheland". And are trying to find a way to get out.
2016 Star Days Sim Date


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1st Promo Poster!

It is said that when people die, they become stars. A group of people from different parallel universes and planets go on a journey to travel outside the Solar System and bring back loved ones who have passed away.


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